Best Week of the Year

What a week! I tweeted a couple times throughout the week how excited I was expecting my most productive week of the year. That’s a big statement, right? But you see I was fully prepared. I am in my third week of a new job. The first couple weeks I was getting my proverbial feet wet. Not too productive, but essential work was being done. I had a couple meetings set up for this week and I had a game plan of some tasks in front of me. Plus I was running high on motivation because I could see a significant part of the project coming together, both in what I was researching and what I was creating. So that felt good. And it ended up being the best week of the year.

So what am I doing? I’m working on the Transform Wisconsin grant where we are putting resources together for 14 school districts in the state to become more active schools. A lot of the resources are already in place, but I think they’ll need to be reworked in significant ways. I’ve been contracted to create a web platform for these resources. Historically they’ve been distributed as pretty dry documents. Asking teachers to do additional work, especially in a discipline outside of their wheelhouse, is a big ask, maybe even a big stretch. But if we can educate them with solid resources and convince them through research and then experience and results that additional physical activity in their classrooms actually improves learning – WIN! That’s my role. And I couldn’t be more excited, more motivated, or better equipped to succeed.

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Ed’s Story

There are life stories and then there are situation stories. What I mean is that sometimes a person’s life is a great story worth telling. And sometimes a person’s situation is a great story, also worth telling. And sometimes the two collide and a great person and a great story are so compelling that is drives us to action. I pray tonight as I write and tomorrow as you read that this post would affect you in significant ways.

Ed Dobson has been a Moody Bible “Pastor of the Year.” He was an advisory editor for Christianity Today and a consulting editor for Leadership magazine. Pastors aren’t in the business for these types of accolades, but when they happen they should be noted and should add some context to this person’s life. I had no idea who Ed was while he was a pastor. But then his situation happened. Earlier I called it a “great” story. It’s not great as in a good thing. It’s great in its magnitude; it’s great in its opportunity. Easy for me to say. Great in this case is ALS. I wonder if Ed would call it great? Having never met the man, I bet he would.eds story couch

Eleven years ago Ed was experiencing twitching in his muscles. Within weeks, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS – you may know it as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. According to Ed: “There is no way to describe the hopeless feeling of knowing that you only have a few years to live, and most of that time will be in the disabled condition.” Eleven years ago he was given two to five years to live. Do the math. God wants Ed around a little longer.

The films that Flannel produce are first class. But there is extra gravity to this series. Some people have a great story to tell. Some people have a great situation that needs to be told. And then there’s Ed’s story. When you see and hear Ed’s story and his commentary on the situation, there’s an undeniable presence of authority, of experience, of knowledge that only comes from God.

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I had the privilege of testing Pressgram in its beta stage. I’ve known John Saddington, the developer, for a number of years now. He created Pressgram with some deep conviction. In one phrase: “total creative control.” When we publish pictures to Facebook and Instagram, we actually give up the rights to those photos. I honestly can’t imagine Facebook using my pic for advertising purposes, but in reality they could. Yes, I still post pics to both those social networks, but a lot less than I used to. I’m transitioning to Pressgram as I go down this road of internet sharing and the new lifestyle many of us have embraced.

Many of you I love blogging and I update my Facebook and Twitter quite often. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – those could all be gone tomorrow. I can’t imagine that would happen, but the fact is I want a digital platform where I can have complete control of my content. I have that in my blog. It’s never going away as long as I pay the bill. Saddington is a professional blogger and he loves his filtered photos. As he was thinking about his digital content and the idea that user agreements basically state you give up the right to those posted photos, he came up with the idea of publishing filtered photos to your WordPress-powered blog. At first it seemed like a stretch, but I’m starting to understand and appreciate the fact that I have complete control and ownership of these pictures. It’s reinvigorated my passion for blogging – conveniently at the same time I’ve started a new job, so there’s lots to talk about! And if you remember the initial Instagram days, it’s that good and even better. Very fresh stuff on Pressgram. Much more personal. And the platform has so much more ambition and potential in the near and distant future.

Please consider joining Pressgram. It’s FREE! Currently it’s only on iOS. You don’t need a blog to start, but it sure is fun. I say that because I constantly push people to blog and write. You have great stuff to share, you’re an expert in something and you should share that with the world. I honestly believe we become better people when we reflect on a niche topic and write.

We are trying to get as many downloads this month as possible. Katie and I are already on it and we hope you will consider joining! If not, or if you try and it’s not for you I promise not to push the issue. But I certainly wanted to make a personal invitation to my friends and family.


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