Welcome to the Pursuit

You are in pursuit.  I am in pursuit. We may be pursuing different things, but we’re all chasing something.  For the past five years I’ve been pursuing a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.  It didn’t just start one day; it’s evolved over the years.  In that time there’s been several continuing themes and pieces of evidence that this is a good path for me.  To be fully honest, part of the path is a passion and the other is a pursuit.

The Passion: Health and Fitness

Let’s face it: if health and fitness were a pill that you could take to get your daily dose, we’d all get our prescriptions filled yesterday.  Living a healthy lifestyle is hard work.  That’s why it’s so elusive for so many people.   Anyone who spends an extended period of time with me quickly recognizes my interest and passion for exercise and healthy living.  As an undergrad I studied physical and health education.  I’ve always been physically active.  And when I pursued a personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine this knowledge grew into a flame of passion for coaching the benefits of healthy living.

Lately my writing at the Game Plan has shifted to focus more on this passion for exercise and fitness.  I’ve been blogging since February 6, 2006.  That post began a passion in me that is still growing to this day – a passion for writing.  I’ve always written in a journal and I’ve always had the desire to produce meaningful content (with a little commentary around the edges).  My career, talents and abilities have developed over the years.  I pride myself on being an excellent teacher, student, trainer and coach in the area of healthy living.   Exercise is my passion.

The Pursuit: Discipline

Now if discipline were a pill that you could take to get your daily dose, that’s a prescription I couldn’t do without.  I do a lot of things very well, but if there’s one constant pursuit in my life, it’s discipline.   Discipline is the trait of traits; all aspects of a successful life hinges on the challenges of self-discipline.

A Pursuit and a Passion Create a Path

Like I said, this project launch today isn’t finished.  In fact, it’s intentionally unfinished so that I can make a point.  (No, this is not a cope out for being lazy.)  The point is that there’s never a great time to launch a project; there’s always adjustments to be made.  Mostly I’m referring to starting an exercise program, but it could be any form of discipline.  That’s why it requires discipline – because it doesn’t come easy.

Every man has to have his goals.  My goal is for this blog to be a catalyst for discussions on pursuing a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.  No matter what your pursuit in life, I guarantee you will find this place on the Web to be full of genuine content and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.  As always, your feedback and conversations would be greatly appreciated.  Welcome!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?