Donating my 40th

Tuesday 4:25pm On Sunday I will be celebrating my 40th birthday running the Madison Half Marathon. It’s already Tuesday so I need to get this post out to give you guys time to buy my birthday present! That’s right, I’m asking for a birthday gift. I’ve done this a few other times including when I […]

One Thousand Wells: An Intervew with Charlie Lowell

In 2004 Jars of Clay and Jena Nardella founded Blood:Water Mission. I’ve written about Blood:Water many times on the blog. Today’s guest, Charlie Lowell, first appeared on the blog back when Inland was released. Please check out the history of Blood:Water, one of my favorite organizations. This is a big release week! No, there’s not a new […]

Monona 20k

On Saturday May 2 I ran in my first race in almost two years. I ran the Monona 20k for the first time ever and I was very impressed by the race. Initially the low cost ($30!) drew me in, but on race day the crowd and the party at the end was second to […]

Pointing to Clean Water

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge from last fall? How could I forget mine? My (mischievously brilliant) father-in-law poured the slowest bucket of ice water over me at family reunion while onlookers cringed in their sandals. What a great event. I watched a lot of ice bucket challenges. Did you have a favorite? Mine […]

Running Monona 20k for Clean Water

Last week I signed up to run the Monona 20k on May 2. Today I’m launching my campaign for this event – I’m running to support one of my favorite organizations, Blood:Water Mission. Since 2004, Blood:Water has raised over $24 million through the creative efforts of tens of thousands of individuals seeking to make a difference. I […]

Numbers are Important

I ended my last post with this statement: “I can’t change the water problem. But together we can? Who wants to join me?” It’s hard to get momentum by yourself. It’s hard to stand on a platform and get people to sign up. But there’s power in numbers. We need more eyes on the goal. […]

Save a Drink

I just set a stretch goal. Can I get my friends to donate $300 to provide clean water? Are you and I willing to donate part or all of what we spend on coffee and beer to a great cause? Let’s say you go to the coffee shop five times per month. Would you donate […]

Interview with Charlie Lowell from Jars of Clay

Charlie Lowell is a founding member of Jars of Clay where he plays piano. Jars are releasing their 11th album next Tuesday. Inland is already #26 on the Alternative chart in iTunes. Charlie and his bandmates also founded Blood:Water Mission which works to bring clean water to sub-Saharan African communities greatly affected with HIV/AIDS.   […]