Productivity Essential – Evernote

As our world goes more and more digital, the tools and resources at our disposal are increasingly more efficient. Do you find yourself taking notes on multiple sheets of paper? Do you find websites or pictures you’ll want to access later on? Do you have meeting notes from work or from your spouse that you […]

10daysbetterblog 03

This is day 3 of a blogging workshop I’m doing with my friend John Saddington. My optimal writing environment is a coffee shop. I have a local one (coffee mugs are pictured in the sidebar) two blocks away from my day job as a personal trainer. During sections of my day I scoot over there for […]

the competition Byword

Looking around at some other publishing applications and I’m looking at Byword. I just purchased it on Wednesday (after a long time of deliberation) and it’s pretty sweet. It does a lot of what DeskPM should be doing. Interestingly it doesn’t allow you to insert images, which John had built in from the start (or […]

Orange Post-It Notes

Wednesday mornings I’m usually the third person at Barriques on Monroe street. I love my Wednesday mornings. One of the guys is about 70 years old, he usually wears an old tweed sport jacket, he’s on a Mac with headphones, doing some kind of audio work. It fascinates me but I don’t know his story… […]

My Toolkit (part 2)

A couple weeks ago I went over the big tools I use everyday to get things done. I’m kind of a geek for those kinds of posts; I love looking over other peoples’ shoulders to see how they work. I went over most of the basics, things that are fairly common and standard. Today I […]

My Current Toolkit

Inspired by the one and only John Saddington, I took a few minutes this morning to review the tools I use I a daily basis to get work done.  Interesting timing since I just wrote a post last week about doing work that matters. Evernote: I can say enough about this app. It took me […]


Boy, is it tough to work without a system.  I should know because I’m well versed in the process.  Here’s the problem: I’m a digital hoarder.  I just can’t say “no.”  A free ebook?  Yes, please?  Free report on the latest fitness trends?  Of course!  And with Dropbox and Evernote on all my devices, I can […]

GTD: Moving From Hope to Trust

Simply put, Getting Things Done has revolutionized my life.  Excuse the drama – but this book has made a huge difference in my life.  Now I don’t want you to think that now everything is perfect and this is the cure-all book that guarantees success.  That’s not what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that […]