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Singing Other People’s Praises

Sometimes I don’t have the energy to write for myself. Lots on my mind and lots I’d like to unpack and share but don’t quite have the time or energy. Thankfully I have others in my life who have big things to celebrate. One of them is John Saddington and his fantastic indie app, Desk. I was part of the beta testing and so I know many of the struggles and roller coaster of emotions he experienced getting this thing to market. After it went live the drama continued. He was constantly wondering what kind of traction this app would get. I am curious, too. I like the app because I like John. But it’s pricey ($30). And it has decent competitors in the App Store. How does a guy get ahead?

Then last night happened. While John was flying from Austin to Atlanta he got word that his app was being featured in the App Store – instant publicity to 155 countries around the world. You don’t have to be a tech geek to appreciate this. Imagine your product, your team, your services, your business card being published world wide?! If you’re into sales at all, you can celebrate with us the wonderful opportunity John is experiencing.

Our social world is ironically very selfish. We have friends on Facebook and Twitter and all over the place but are we really connecting? Are in tune enough to celebrate when these friends experience big-time victories? Look around your world and find someone else to celebrate. I’ve never seen someone under appreciate a genuine congratulatory pat on the back.


Chapter 08: The Expo (The Work is Done)

It’s the day before the big race. A local exposition hall opens up to vendors and race event booths so all the runners can pick up their packets, shop for some new (or last minute) gear, and mingle with other runners. Early tomorrow morning all these expo-goers will be battling the course. Training miles have been logged. The race day prep is in full swing. The work is done. That’s why the expo is buzzing.


I’m excited to be a coach tomorrow. I’ve taken a small class of two women through an 8-week training program. They both had set-backs even in these eight weeks and yet both got the miles in to set themselves up to have successful day tomorrow. I’ve grown as a coach and I’m very proud of the athletes’ efforts.




November 1

Today I ran with my half marathon training class for our last long run before the Madison Half Marathon. We went 10 miles at 7am when it was 31 degrees and the sun hadn’t risen yet.

Our class was only eight weeks long. So it’s not hard to remember back when a 4-mile run was difficult for these ladies. And today they did ten miles with (seemingly) no problem! Coaching people, taking them through a training program is so fun to observe!


Art Everyday in November 2014

Today I read the following tweet from Jim Woods.

The blog post he was referring to talked about Nanowrimo, which is a campaign to write a novel in the month of November by writing every day. Anyway, Brad’s take on it is that he wants to create art every day. Well as I wrote a a few weeks ago, I want to pursue my art, I want to develop my writing style and voice. I want to tell my story.

So my take on this November challenge is to use my two favorite publishing apps, Pressgram and Desk, to publish my story. Through pictures and various amounts of words, I’ll take every day in November and tell my story. The theme is very defined: fitness. It’s my new job, it’s my passion, and I want to tell the story well.

From Desk: Hello World

I’m excited to post for the first time from Desk, the writing app by the one and only John Saddington. I have been beta testing for a few months and I thank John for the opportunity to be a (small) part of that team. I have to say, it’s an interesting experience to be on the inside even though I didn’t test as hard as others, admittedly don’t know as much as other testers. But here it is.

This is how writing should be. No friction. Sit at the Desk, write, take notes, continue writing and craft a story. Or part of a story. Or share an image. Of course editing is critical if you want it to be good. But tonight I write raw, I write fast, I just need to get these thoughts out there. It’s day one of Desk. I couldn’t be happier for John.

John has changed the way I think about publishing. His first app, Pressgram, was for iOS. I was on the beta for that also. It will never leave my iPhone. Did you get a copy? Pressgram allowed me to take a pic, add a title and caption, and publish immediately to my blog. Now I own it. Then I could share a link to Facebook and Twitter so the image remained mine. I know it’s not a huge deal, but it matters. And John did it brilliantly. He took away the friction and reminded me that it’s important to keep my digital stuff mine. I’ll use Pressgram until it breaks. And now we have Desk. Again, it’s completely taken away the friction of publishing. I can write online or offline. And when I’m done, I can publish right to my WordPress blog – I’ve already entered my credentials. It’s that easy. Software doesn’t get between me and publishing. The only thing between me and publishing is me. I love that. desk-app-sticker-macbook-air

And remember, not all writing goes public. I can save files locally or on iCloud. Desk gives me the ability to write for the sake of writing. If you’re a writer, please check out Desk on the App Store.

the competition Byword

Looking around at some other publishing applications and I’m looking at Byword. I just purchased it on Wednesday (after a long time of deliberation) and it’s pretty sweet. It does a lot of what DeskPM should be doing. Interestingly it doesn’t allow you to insert images, which John had built in from the start (or at least when he let me into the inner circle!

One of the big things Byword has to offer is the ability to publish to Evernote. This is huge for me (and yes, I know markdown is not supported yet, just trying to get into the habit). I can see me using it kind of like Drafts for iPhone – fire it up, make a note and publish right to my Evernote Inbox. 

Well, I wrote paragraph one, then paragraph two, then inserted the image above and it seems like the second paragraph may leak into the image. Publishing now to find out.

*update: you can see from the previous post it didn’t format well.  I’ve inserted to line breaks now and I’m reinserting, republishing.

First blog post DeskPM

Well, this is my second blog post on desk p.m. This is the thing with alpha testing, a lot of things are still broken. I had a blog post all written out, I thought I saved it, I selected all the text to try to edit and everything got deleted. Ya, so the auto-save feature apparently is not working and I know I had taken longer than 20 seconds to drafted so I’ll have to figure out something there.

So I guess this is still my first Post that gets published. I’m actually writing the entire draft with the dictation by Apple on my MacBook Air, More impressively with this new application by John Saddington. This is the second application I’ve tested for John, PressGram being the first. Huge thanks to John for letting me in the inner circle, and Michael for passing my name along.
It’s been a longer day than expected. I bought a car because a great deal showed up and I jumped on it. Finally got rid of the 1998 Subaru outback. I got a 2010 Ford fusion which I’m very happy with. But needless to say it’s been a long day after that ordeal. After that deal got done, I had to take the kids and Tori over to Katie who is babysitting for my sister. After getting Sorin and Christian down, this is the first time I’ve had all day. I’m so happy to be using it for a few minutes testing this new application. DeskPM in Alpha!!

I believe leaders and people want to be successful in life should write and publish more often. I believe that after hearing John preach that for many years. Anyway, I have some edits to doing this draft to give John a good look and figure out that auto save thing that happened.