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Tweeting the NFL

I understand that not everyone is fully buying into the Social Media culture that is forming.  Forming…  it’s established.  It’s just a matter if you want to be a part of it.  Today I read an article talking about tv advertising being still relevant, but social media is taking “center stage”.  I know plenty of my friends who shrugg this off, and that’s fine.  Just remember that I mentioned it here, back on 9/22/09.

One of the most interesting developments for social media has been with Twitter and the NFL.  Players like OchoCinco have advertised their intent to Tweet during games.  The NFL has countered with adjusting their policy on Twitter and social media numerous times now. 

Where does free speech come in?  As an avid listener to sports radio, I’m hearing these stories more and more often.  And they’re asking questions like this.  But what we need to remember is that the NFL is an employer.  These players are not independent contractors.  The NFL shouldn’t have a problem telling players (employees) what policy will be when you’re “on the clock.” 

Now when a player is on their own time…  knock yourself out!  I’m a HUGE fan of behind the scenes action.  That’s what makes Twitter so great.  We’re getting a glimpse into certain celebrities’ lives we’ve never seen before.  And as much as I’d love to hear sideline chats and thoughts from players during the game, during halftime, and before their interviews at their lockers, the NFL needs to stand firm in their social media policy – no Tweeting on our watch.

Twitter: What Has Your Attention

I am a huge fan of Twitter.  But many people I talk to are still confused about what it is and why someone would do it.  Twitter originally (and probably still) asked users, “What are you doing?”  And this is why I get so much negative feedback about Twitter – because that’s such a self-centered question.  People ask me, “Why are you so important that people want to know what you had for lunch today?”

That’s their best response:  Who cares what you’re eating right now or that you’re at the gas station…

I agree!!  Who CARES!?!?!

Why Twitter?  When you give Twitter a couple weeks of your time, at only 5 minutes per day, you’ll see how it can be so addicting.  Personally, I follow people interested in business, leadership, exercise, and social media.  These are all interests of mine and I can instantly get information that is relevant to my life.  You see, instead of using Twitter to answer the question “what are you doing”, the people I follow are basically commenting on “what has your attention right now.”  Do you see the difference?  The later question means we’re sharing information about interests, not necessarily ME.

The other thing that non-Twitter users don’t understand is how quickly we can filter through unnecessary tweets.  Especially on my iPod touch, I can page right through a handful of people’s tweets depending on how much time I have at that particular moment.  I can also add tweets to my favorites so I can go back later when I have more time and read further.

Have I peaked your interest?  As with email, Facebook, and even talking to people on the phone, Twitter can be used as much or as little as you want.  I’m not a slave to Twitter – I use it as a tool.  And it can be a powerful tool for information, ideas, research, and relationships if use it right.