I’m a Fan: Brands I Love

I’ve always had an affinity to Men’s Journal. The at some point in college I was browsing the magazine section at Barnes and Noble and it just hit me: this is the magazine for me. I’ve always written in a journal, I’ve always kept notes of adventures I’d been on and ones I wanted to take. And gear, well most men enjoy having and knowing the best stuff to have.

I got my first pair of TOMS in Saugatuck, Michigan in the summer of 2013. We were visiting Katie’s aunt and uncle in the cutest little town on the Lake Michigan. It’s a boating town and when I saw this nautical pair of TOMS I decided to pull the trigger. They’re beat up pretty good these days but I just wore them on a walk to the park yesterday.

As I said, I’ve always kept a journal. I’ve played with a few different brands but I keep coming back to Moleskine notebooks. My favorite is the softcover 5 x 8 1/4″ because it pairs perfectly with my iPad mini and fits in my Fort Wilderness cache. Its string binding allows me to open it flat which means I can use both pages to lay out my entire week – now I can get serious work done.

Men’s Journal, TOMS, and Moleskine notebooks are just a few of the things I really love. For me design and ethos matter. I get a feeling when I see these products. I gravitate to them. The content, the mission, the values, the functionality. When I need things they always deliver. From when I pick them up, put them on, or open them up to when I finish my work, I cannot wait to return.

My list goes on. And my list matters. It matters because stories matter to me and on some level they matter to you. I believe we are wired to be a part of a story and here on Earth we are trying to figure out our role in that story. I’m not trying to convince you that these products or companies are superior to any others and I’m certainly not trying to promote having lots of “stuff” or being picky about trending or high-end brands.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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