Up and to the right

We are a full week into the new year. So where are you at? Have I removed this blog post far enough to avoid the temptation of resolution talk? That was the goal.

And yet there is still a goal. There always needs to be a goal. What’s yours? Mine is to sleep more. What?! A health and fitness pro that wants to sleep more? Absolutely.

For about a year now I’ve trained clients (on average) at 5:40am Monday through Friday. I love the mornings. But it makes for a long day since I often also have clients mid- to late afternoon. I’ve done a good job of limiting the early evenings I work both for my health and for family time. Katie has (too often but necessarily) been telling me that I need to take better care of my body, and she’s right. The benefits of sleep have been well documented. As a man in pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, I need to have a plan in this area of my life.

New tool: FitBit

I recently purchased a FitBit for a class I’m starting. FitBit, Jawbone, Microsoft Band, they’re all interesting options and they all have one goal: get you healthier. For me I don’t need more steps; I don’t need more flights of stairs. I need to improve my sleep and the past week I’ve increased my hours of sleep each night. Just having this single piece of data has really helped me this week. It breaks down my goal of a healthy lifestyle into a manageable task, and I’m winning!

This has gotten me very interested in data. I realize data isn’t for everyone, and it’s easy in my profession to talk over people with all the exercise science discussions. But at the same time Madison is a university town, there are smart, educated people here. I find myself always guiding the discussion back to their work and their family life – without goals and managing information, you wouldn’t succeed in anything that has meaning. Setting goals, knowing the numbers, and devising a strategy to improve those numbers are the keys to victory.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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