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Race Week

I am very excited to be at the final training week for the Milwaukee Marathon this Sunday. It is my third marathon, my second this year. I did Madison Marathon for the first time in 2007 and finished in 4:04. Last May I did Madison again and met my goal of going under 4 hours – I finished in 3:59. And now I’ve completed my training for this marathon on the heels of my Madison marathon, so the two consecutive training programs is making me very excited to see “how fast” I can go on Sunday.

Training is so motivational for me. I’ve made many updates on Facebook and Twitter this summer as I’ve processed my runs and the training program. It’s been great to see how much stronger my body has gotten from all the miles I’ve logged. Are you aware of the capabilities of the human body? I’m not saying everyone should run marathons. But what might it be for you? Your first 5K? A run/walk. A brisk bike ride around the lake? What could you train for that would require some time and effort, but you think is possible in 8 weeks of training?

So this week I’m resting and looking back on my first two marathons – how my splits were and what my heart rate was over the course of the run. My friend Tom Moore says that marathons start after mile 20 – and I agree. It’s the last six miles that are really what you train for, especially after your first marathon. In May I basically ran two different runs – my first 18 miles were great and my last 8 went downhill. So I’m starting to develop strategy for having more in the tank at the end.

If you’re interested in following me on Sunday, you can watch my Twitter feed which my sister will be updating.

Social Media Revolution

There are certain things that I really get jazzed about that others could care less about.  Most people hate Favre – I’m still a fan.  Friends and family are still using Hotmail and Yahoo – Gmail is the best.  And U2 is still the best band on the planet.

While I’m aware that my personality leans towards passion and action, I know that not everyone gets as excited as I do about certain things in life.  But some things are worthy of more attention than people give me credit for.  My career choice is to be an exercise professional.  While you may not view it as important as I do, and though you may not talk about it as much as I do, you should still do something about it.  Your health, livelihood, and quality of life depend on it.  And that’s independent from me – it’s just a fact.

In the same way, I don’t see too many of my friends and family getting excited about Social Media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect them.  Because if it doesn’t now, it sure will in the future.  Many of my friends have ditched email and now message each other through Facebook.  I’ve been able to keep friends and family informed with my life and being a husband and father through Facebook updates and photo albums that I can share.  You can’t do that with email.  I’ve learned to not only find information from the web but share the relevant stuff publicly with Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.  News and information is so much more personal when it’s shared this way.

As you can see I’m still trying to find my voice on this.  While I may not communicate it as effectively as I’d like, the beauty of computers and the internet is sometimes I don’t have to.  I came across this YouTube video last week from a friend I follow on Twitter.

I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts about Social Media after watching this clip.  It goes fast, so you may want to keep your hand on the pause button.

Book Giveaway – Donald Miller’s "A Million Miles"

I have recently started reviewing books for Thomas Nelson as part of their book review bloggers program.  My second title will probably be an all-time favorite – Donald Miller‘s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”  Katie and I were sitting on the porch when the UPS man pulled up with a box that was bigger than expected… because there were TWO books included!!

The publisher (CEO Michael Hyatt) thought that the book was so good that he wanted us to give away a copy to a friend.  So I’ve decided to have a little fun with this.  I’ve teased this on Facebook and Twitter for the last week and here on my blog I’ll be giving away the free copy.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. You post a comment at the bottom of this post telling me why you deserve the free copy.  Include your first name or an identifying title.  Get creative!!
  2. You email me your full name and address in case I choose you as the winner. ( OR message me on Facebook)  IMPORTANT:  include “Donald Miller book” in the subject so I can sort through them.
  3. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday night and post something on Thursday. 

If you’re so inclined, please check out my blog and participate in some conversations.  Oh, did I mention I may or may not have some Nooma videos to give away later?  Shameless promotion, I know.

Twitter: What Has Your Attention

I am a huge fan of Twitter.  But many people I talk to are still confused about what it is and why someone would do it.  Twitter originally (and probably still) asked users, “What are you doing?”  And this is why I get so much negative feedback about Twitter – because that’s such a self-centered question.  People ask me, “Why are you so important that people want to know what you had for lunch today?”

That’s their best response:  Who cares what you’re eating right now or that you’re at the gas station…

I agree!!  Who CARES!?!?!

Why Twitter?  When you give Twitter a couple weeks of your time, at only 5 minutes per day, you’ll see how it can be so addicting.  Personally, I follow people interested in business, leadership, exercise, and social media.  These are all interests of mine and I can instantly get information that is relevant to my life.  You see, instead of using Twitter to answer the question “what are you doing”, the people I follow are basically commenting on “what has your attention right now.”  Do you see the difference?  The later question means we’re sharing information about interests, not necessarily ME.

The other thing that non-Twitter users don’t understand is how quickly we can filter through unnecessary tweets.  Especially on my iPod touch, I can page right through a handful of people’s tweets depending on how much time I have at that particular moment.  I can also add tweets to my favorites so I can go back later when I have more time and read further.

Have I peaked your interest?  As with email, Facebook, and even talking to people on the phone, Twitter can be used as much or as little as you want.  I’m not a slave to Twitter – I use it as a tool.  And it can be a powerful tool for information, ideas, research, and relationships if use it right.