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Hire me to reach YOUR Finish Line

As an exercise specialist, I offer services for both individuals and corporations.  Let’s work together to reach YOUR finish line!

One-on-One Training

  • “How do I put an exercise plan together?”
  • “How much cardio and lifting should I be doing?”
  • “I need a coach to reach my goals.”

If you can relate to any of these statements, I’m here to help.   I offer one-on-one personal training both in person but also online.  I work with a company in North Carolina that  has developed software for me to track your workouts, nutrition, and many other aspects of your training.  Everything can be customized.  I can put a put a program together for you, I can check in weekly, monthly, even daily if  it woud help!

Small or Large Business Wellness Consultations

Corporate fitness is taking off.  Businesses are realizing that healthy and active employees is beneficial to the company in more ways than one.  I currently consult with two small businesses who are establishing their wellness plans.  I’m available for one-time wellness seminars and I’m also available to consult with human resources to establish a wellness program for any size business.

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