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I am on the inside of a new iOS app called Pressgram. It allows iPhone users to publish filtered photos to their WordPress blogs. This has been a fascinating experience and I think it will add a lot of value for people worried about privacy and ownership issues with their pictures.

Blogging from Presagram

I absolutely love being able to take a pic, adding text, and publishing to my WordPress blog via Pressgram. This morning I’m drinking this wonderful Americano (“easy water” for those keeping score at home), writing a couple thoughts in my journal, and then diving into a very productive Thursday. I process life through pictures and words. Who doesn’t, right? Actually I honk more people need to. I think reflection is one of the must underrated disciplines in our busy culture.

What say you?

Nine hours…(continued)

Nine hours of… driving from Nashville to Madison, listening to Jars albums, singing many of the songs, reflecting on their themes of the middle space, relationships, asking better questions, and trying to figure out how I grow as a man and grow closer to God. (This post is putting a rock down to mark this time)