“This heavyweight bout is scheduled for 12 rounds”

When I was young and just learning about all the major sports, I remember not being too fond of boxing but was fascinated by a 12-round fight. Team sports are usually in quarters, halves for college basketball. But “This heavyweight bout is scheduled for 12 rounds!” always had a ring to it. It was different, memorable, and exciting of course because even though it was scheduled for 12, Mike Tyson probably only needed two or three to do his work and end the fight.RTR12CJS-e1392662518973

It’s February. You may not be in a heavyweight title fight, but this battle is scheduled for 12 rounds and we just started the second. In this first week of February, it’s time to look back at your goals for 2015 and reevaluate. (If you didn’t establish goals, welcome to the pursuit – start here, it’s not too late.) After the first round, the dust is staring to settle. Maybe you’re getting in a groove. Maybe you over-committed. Maybe you’re capable of more than you thought. Don’t let another week go by without reflecting on your goals, your approach, and what you’re seeing for results.

I meet with a handful of clients each week that have extremely detailed goals. It allows us to have great discussions, I get to ask pointed questions because they’re valid. These people are on a journey, a pursuit and every workout is a step towards achieving that goal. Some workouts are just that – get the workout in. But most workouts, and certainly the ones with me are very ambitious and strategic. As they say, if you’re aiming for nothing, you’re sure to hit it every time. What’s your goal?
Some examples:

  • first 5k
  • personal best in a 10k
  • exercise adherence: exercise three days per week (entire month of February!)
  • eliminate sugar (whoa!)
  • drink 3 liters of water per day

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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