48 People

Yesterday about 48 people were snuck into our country as human slaves. “Snuck into this county…” They were trafficked. Not a bright way to start a blog post on an otherwise beautiful Friday morning. Sorry to disrupt.

I put a red X on my hand yesterday to raise awareness for #enditmovement. I posted on Pressgram that I was raising awareness but I was also learning. As Eugene Cho says, “Let’s be honest. Fighting slavery has become trendy.” Man, are we pathetic. But he’s right. Clean water is another thing that’s trendy. But to be clear: just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s not real. It doesn’t mean we can ignore this problem. I also learned there are 27 million slaves currently around the world.

That’s the population of New York City metropolitan area. There are more slaves around the world right now than at any time in recorded history. A problem that most people think ended more than a century ago is, in fact, thriving as never before. (source)

I don’t know what to do about that number. I’ll give some money. Will you? But beyond that I’m just sitting here learning, making myself more aware. And that feels so inadequate. Fellow human beings being sold as slaves in the year 2014. The sex and the money behind this… there simply are no words for it.

What will we do? Could this be part of our legacy? Can our generation really end this? I believe we can! It starts with awareness but must quickly move to action. If we don’t act quick, human nature will take over and our moment will be lost. Younger people, our children, will ask: “Where were you when this was going on? What did you do?” Let’s be part of the answer.

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    1. Hans Schiefelbein Post author

      Great to hear Michael. Hey, when are we going to meet in person? Do you have a favorite local coffee shop? Let’s make that happen.


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