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We are all too well aware of the battles for our attention.  That case doesn’t have to be made.  But a still relevant question is, “Will you hear the call?  Or did you hear the news?”  When something important happens, will you have an ear that is sensitive and a heart that is willing to respond?

I’m writing a three-post series this year during Advent, the time leading up to Christmas.  It was inspired by Charlie’s series a few years back entitled “Advent Poetry.”  Charlie makes the case that in a season that is supposed to be about family, slowing down, and reflecting on the important things in life we often swing to the other side of reality and find ourselves busier than the other 11 months out of the year, more stressed, and more disappointed during and through the season of Christmas.  I generalize, but I also feel pretty confident that if we could create the ideal situation, it would include a few more relaxing cups of coffee, reading a few more pages of a good book, soaking in more time in front of the fireplace, and rich conversations with friends and family that warm the heart.  Sounds idealistic?  Maybe.  But very attainable with a little reflection and a new attitude, a new posture, a new hope.

I’ve been doing more reflection lately.  I’ve been reading a fantastic book about Advent as I prepare for Christmas (it’s written by Jon Swanson, my favorite writer from 2012).  His writing and reflection inspired the motivation for this series.  I’ve been listening to great Christmas music and I’ve been thinking more about what I can give at Christmas than what I want (sadly that is a big accomplishment).  I’ve been thinking about how I want my kids to experience their first memories of Christmas, what I want them to know, and how I can help Katie enjoy the season while she pours her heart and soul into family time, making gifts, and finds time in front of that same fireplace.

In all this reflection, I find myself coming back to one particular Christmas song.  And actually not any rendition will do.  I keep coming back to these guys from Greenville, Illinois who interpreted the Little Drummer Boy into what I consider the most important Christmas song over the last couple years for me.

I’m not a great writer, but have I caught your attention?  Tomorrow we will prepare.  We will reflect.  We will anticipate.

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4 thoughts on “Advent Blogging

  1. Jess

    Great thought Hans. This seems like such a challenge yet something we all yearn for. Thanks for this post, what a great way to start the day… And the week before Christmas.

  2. jon

    even with kids grown, I’m still trying to understand the importance of how i’m telling the stories, helping them experience Christmas. Thanks for helping me think.

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