And the free book goes TO…..

The first responder, Mr. Persistance, the reader and writer himself… Mr. Jaye Barbeau.  This guy hounded me on Facebook and recruited his friends to write on his behalf – well played, Sir.  It was difficult to turn down the web-man Jeff Miles because he’s helping to update my blog and take it to the next level.  Crowning him winner would have been for selfish gain.  Nice try Miles – I guess I’ll have to pay those consulting fees after all.  But today all the glory goes to Jaye Barbeau. 

Thanks to everyone who commented and participated in my give-away.  Please take a moment to see if my blogging material might interest you on a weekly basis.  My blog is focusing on family, leadership, fitness/exercise, social media, and a few stories about sports.  You can subscribe and get it right to your inbox for free.

And remember – there may or may not be a NOOMA video give-away in the weeks to come.  Thanks again.

Jaye – the book is on its way.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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