Another Fresh Start

Things are off to a great start at Pinnacle. Clients are coming in each week. People are recognizing me from the posters. Next Friday I have a meet and greet with staff and other members. This is the third place where I’ve trained clients and of course every location and business is different, but I’m focusing on what I can control: my personal business.

It’s a fresh start, again. The actual exercise prescription part of the business hasn’t changed a lot for me. What has changed is how I keep my schedule organized and efficient with my other job at H&H Arborists. I’m also still teaching a few classes at the YMCA, so wearing three hats has been a challenge. It’s forced me to develop a great system of email and calendar, a system many professionals have already developed but I haven’t needed thus far. Additionally, some technology has changed (for the better, of course) and I am all about using it to my advantage. My objective is to have all my clients and all their workouts on all my devices at all times. I want to run my business of my iPad if possible. I want to be paperless. Why? So that I can simplify the workflow to simple inputs and outputs that are reliable. I don’t want to carry a binder. I don’t even want to carry a laptop. I want everything on iPad, and I’ve done that. I was able to get there with this fresh start at Pinnacle. I started developing the system at the Y, but it was simplistic based on my workload. With all these clients, there’s more moving parts, a more demanding schedule, and more communication with both clients and staff. This is just the technology side.
A fresh start is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. As a fitness professional, I’ve grown in my ability to get clients up to speed quicker, I keep them engaged and challenged better than ever, and this is because I have more tools in my tool belt. None of this is rocket science. All successful professionals should be growing, getting stronger and more efficient in their craft. For me, writing about it is a critical piece so that I can look back at my path and notice progress, but also so that I can process my current status to figure out where I need to go next.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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