Thanksgiving Day: food, family, walk, write

It’s pretty simple: eat good food, enjoy time with family, take a walk, and write in a notebook. Simple. When I break down the highlights of today, this will be a recipe for success.

Eat good food, but honestly let’s not be gluttons. Believe it or not I’m known around my family for being good for three plates plus healthy portions of dessert. I’m all for eating good food, but moderation is always a good thing, even on Thanksgiving. Sure, even if I don’t eat as much as I want, it’s not like I can give the leftovers to starving kids in Africa. But for me this year it’s about the posture, about being thankful for great food on my plate but not eating in excess.

Enjoy time with family. Not always the easiest, but clearly the most important on my list this year. At the end of the day, family is our greatest commodity. Our relationship are vital to our health. We were built for relationship, we were built to live in community. Skip the formalities. Skip the conversation you always have with your sister-in-law. Take it further. Make moments. Snap new and exciting pictures together. Give the kids memories. It’s the only family you’ll ever have. None of them are guaranteed to be around next year. Sorry to be a downer, but be honest with yourself. The time is now to sow those seeds, harvest and cultivate others. Be intentional. I’ve got my plan.

Ah, the Thanksgiving Day family walk. Well I guess this one is piggybacking off number one. I’m a health guy, so I always gravitate towards the physical activity. And I’m not pulling any punches here. Bottom line is we are all eating really well today, and we’re probably inside with family a lot also. A family walk is good on so many levels. Imagine if your neighborhood streets were packed with families all on walks in the 35-degree weather today! How cool would that be?! Eat the food, not too much, enjoy the family and then take it outside. Great tradition to start this year if you don’t already.


Write in your notebook. I’ve rekindled my passion for words lately. The world doesn’t need more books published, but I believe it needs a few more blogs, a few more (meaningful) tweets. It needs a few more people to contribute a few thoughts to society.  It needs you to be intentional and make something good happen. We need thoughtful people, we need creative people. My examples above were ways to go public, but my title here simply references a notebook. I’m sure you have a notebook or journal around. If you don’t, write it on paper today and paste it in tomorrow when you buy one. Or write it on the computer, save it and start a journal there. Remember Doogie Howser, MD? He had thoughtful reflection after each episode. There was a life lesson there. Write what you’re thankful for, write what the family did, make a goal to lift someone up today.

I, personally, have much to be thankful for. I bet you do also. From my family to yours, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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