Best Week of the Year

What a week! I tweeted a couple times throughout the week how excited I was expecting my most productive week of the year. That’s a big statement, right? But you see I was fully prepared. I am in my third week of a new job. The first couple weeks I was getting my proverbial feet wet. Not too productive, but essential work was being done. I had a couple meetings set up for this week and I had a game plan of some tasks in front of me. Plus I was running high on motivation because I could see a significant part of the project coming together, both in what I was researching and what I was creating. So that felt good. And it ended up being the best week of the year.

So what am I doing? I’m working on the Transform Wisconsin grant where we are putting resources together for 14 school districts in the state to become more active schools. A lot of the resources are already in place, but I think they’ll need to be reworked in significant ways. I’ve been contracted to create a web platform for these resources. Historically they’ve been distributed as pretty dry documents. Asking teachers to do additional work, especially in a discipline outside of their wheelhouse, is a big ask, maybe even a big stretch. But if we can educate them with solid resources and convince them through research and then experience and results that additional physical activity in their classrooms actually improves learning – WIN! That’s my role. And I couldn’t be more excited, more motivated, or better equipped to succeed.

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Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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