Birth Announcement: Norah Katie

It is my joy and honor to announce that Katie gave birth to our second child, our first daughter Norah Katie Schiefelbein on April 22, 2010. Norah weighs 6lbs 14oz and is 19 inches long. Katie is doing great.
I write this post at 9pm from a pull-out couch in one of the birthing suites at Meriter Hospital. Katie has just fallen asleep with Norah resting on her chest. The two sleep together for the first time, mother and daughter. I reflect as I write. I am in awe and full of pride and joy.
Katie was due last Friday (April 16) and because she had a previous c-section, they wouldn’t let her go more than a week past her due date. If any of you remember Sorin’s birth, it was a scheduled c-section (breech) for 8am, but due to emergency c-sections we didn’t go in until 4pm. It was a long, hard, stressful day. Today we were only 45 minutes behind schedule and everything went great.
Katie and I were in the operating room together just talking through her feelings and what pics and videos I was going to get. We were so calm. Katie did great. I am so proud of her getting another child healthy all the way through nine months of pregnancy.
When I tell the story, I talk about this being our second c-section. We had a huge advantage and blessing to be able to process everything happening and soak it all it. The meds went in well and we waited at the end of the bed together. My camera in hand, I filmed our baby girl entering the world and we both couldn’t hold it back. They brought her around the curtain and I filmed the whole thing. They brought Norah right next to Katie’s face as she lay on the table and we had a wonderful moment together. It was a powerful moment, and I’m proud that our love is loud.
Family came to visit and it was a great day. We’re tired. We’re full of joy and anticipation for this new life with our new addition, a daughter – Norah Katie.
Here’s a few pictures. Of course many more to follow.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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