Discipline is a linchpin attribute. Think about any job, hobby, relationship.  Without discipline, just about everything falls apart.  Being a disciplined person is essential for success.  I’ve always been a student of discipline, but I have not always been an expert at discipline.  Still I’ve identified this characteristic as one worthy of my utmost attention.

I don’t care to be good.  I don’t desire to be average or decent.  I want to be exceptional. I study exceptional people, businesses, and ideas.  It’s pretty obvious to see that successful people are often the ones who are more disciplined in various aspects of their personal and professional lives.  I believe that pursuing this disciplined lifestyle is a worth pursuit.  I am well on my way, I will never arrive, but I will journey and adventure down this path.

Posts in this category all fall under my pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.  I write about discipline in health and fitness, business, leadership and management, and relationships.  I hope you find these articles transparent of my life and reflective in yours.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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