First blog post DeskPM

Well, this is my second blog post on desk p.m. This is the thing with alpha testing, a lot of things are still broken. I had a blog post all written out, I thought I saved it, I selected all the text to try to edit and everything got deleted. Ya, so the auto-save feature apparently is not working and I know I had taken longer than 20 seconds to drafted so I’ll have to figure out something there.

So I guess this is still my first Post that gets published. I’m actually writing the entire draft with the dictation by Apple on my MacBook Air, More impressively with this new application by John Saddington. This is the second application I’ve tested for John, PressGram being the first. Huge thanks to John for letting me in the inner circle, and Michael for passing my name along.
It’s been a longer day than expected. I bought a car because a great deal showed up and I jumped on it. Finally got rid of the 1998 Subaru outback. I got a 2010 Ford fusion which I’m very happy with. But needless to say it’s been a long day after that ordeal. After that deal got done, I had to take the kids and Tori over to Katie who is babysitting for my sister. After getting Sorin and Christian down, this is the first time I’ve had all day. I’m so happy to be using it for a few minutes testing this new application. DeskPM in Alpha!!

I believe leaders and people want to be successful in life should write and publish more often. I believe that after hearing John preach that for many years. Anyway, I have some edits to doing this draft to give John a good look and figure out that auto save thing that happened.

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