First wetsuit experience

It was all that and then some. It’s been awhile since I experienced something so new and so fulfilling in sport. Sunday I swam for the first time in a wetsuit. I took Christian up to Baraboo for the afternoon, we played in the water and on the beach and then I did a little swimming from buoy to buoy. What a great feeling to not worry about water temperature or floating – you just go! The only thing I can imagine that would be better is to have a snorkel so I don’t even have to lift my head to breathe! That’s a thing in the triathlon world. But for now I’m still in neoprene nirvana.

The first couple laps were actually pretty difficult. The compression was so significant on my chest that it was a challenge to breath comfortably. Within a new minutes I acclimated and from then on my workout was fantastic.

Training with a wetsuit was the final preparation I need for the Devil’s Lake triathlon in two weeks.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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