Fourth Quarter

This week marks the start of the fourth quarter of 2016. Here in Wisconsin we have a tradition marking that special moment of time between the third and the fourth quarter. Of course I’m talking about Jump Around. We all know about it, many of us have seen it, and the lucky ones have participated in one of the greatest traditions in sports.

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So here we are. Three-fourths of the year is behind us and we are going into the fourth quarter. It’s time to jump around because it’s about to get real. We’re about to put this year behind us and we all want to finish strong! What does that look like for you? How are you going to keep pursuing your health goals for the year? Do you need to take your effort to the next level to finish well? Do you need to work on a new aspect you’ve been avoiding all year so you can prep for 2017?

When I got my FitBit at the start of this year it was to participate with my Fitness Tracker 2.0 class. Most people use fitness trackers to track their steps or their exercise. While I use my FitBit for the later, I also became increasingly interested in tracking my sleep. Many of my days start with my first client before 6am each day so you can imagine how challenging it is to get enough sleep. For me to finish the year right, I need to start tracking entire weeks where I meet my goals. I’ve put a new task in my weekly planner to export my sleep data from FitBit and put it into my journal so I can process how I’m doing and continue to figure out strategies to get to bed a little earlier because those morning clients keep coming!

Each year I try to be a better planner and a better executer of that plan. That means taking an inventory of what I’m doing to pursue my health and making adjustments along the way. I’m excited to head into the 4th quarter because it means the end is in sight and I can turn the page to a new year. But we’re not there yet and I’m thankful for that because there’s still work ahead.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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