When I began blogging back in 2006, I built it on the foundation of a game plan. I was writing as a man trying to create order in my life, to think and plan and be reflective of situations around me. I knew I could not write about everything, so I made a decision to write about family and my work. My blog has evolved, which is a good thing. I sit here happy with what I’ve documented. Those who know me personally know of my Christian faith but I don’t write about it often. Lately I’ve wrestled with this decision because if my faith is such a critical part of my life as I claim, it should be better represented on my personal blog.

Grace is certainly a church word, but I believe we all are looking for grace in out lives. Different than any other religion (not my favorite word, but people understand it as such) the topic of grace makes Christianity unique. At our church, Blackhawk in Madison, we talk often about the difference between mercy, justice, and grace. Our senior paster, Chris Dolson often shows this slide

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 1.32.46 PM
I don’t profess to be an expert on grace but I am telling you it is the backbone of my faith. I’m not a professional on the topic of grace, but thankfully John Rosensteel is. He gave a wonderful description of it this week. I hope you enjoy.


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