Hans Has (Re)Entered the Kitchen

We all have our guilty pleasures – mine is Starbucks’ Crumble Cake. I don’t know exactly how they make it or what’s in it, but I know it can’t be healthy – thus, a guilty pleasure. An avid reader of the Game Plan would be able to reference a post this summer in which I discussed how men should feel comfortable (and competent) in the kitchen. This morning I continued my quest for excellence in the kitchen with a first attempt at coffee cake.

The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook was the source of our recipe today. Katie and I spent about 25 minutes preparing the batter, and 35 minutes later we pulled out our first coffee cake from the oven.

What a delicious first bite! Katie wouldn’t change a thing. I would make it a little less fluffy – Starbucks has set my standard for a firm coffee cake. The blueberries melted in the mouth and literally each bite kept getting better.

Emeril’s job is secure, but I have to say I’m slowly making a name for myself in the kitchen.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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