Hiatus, the return

Hiatus: recess, break, a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, action, etc.

I’m just coming of a few weeks of being immersed in study – I took the GRE yesterday and prep for that has consumed me until now. So this blog post will be me essentially catching everyone up to speed on my life. If that’s not compelling enough, just think of our little girl who is about to be born in the next couple weeks. Do I have your attention now? Good, because she’s worth it.

So’s my wife. Katie has been through her second pregnancy and is doing extremely well. Until last night. The discomfort and anxiety is starting to compound. I’m trying to be especially disciplined to put all things “Hans” aside so that I can do as much for her and Sorin as possible.

We are so excited about the impending birth of our first girl. How do you even write about this? I guess that will come the week she does! Katie’s hoping that’s sooner than later.

I had a rain day today, and it’s a Tuesday so I was able to take Sorin to the library for Story Time. It’s a wonderful thing to watch him interact with the other kids. His facial expressions are so different that when he’s around the house. I cannot wait to see his reaction to our little girl.

The GRE was pretty tough, but I’m happy with my score and will see if it’s enough to get me into grad school. It was good to be back studying again – I miss academia. My plan is to pursue a Masters Degree in Physical Activity Epidemiology.

That’s it. I basically wrote this b/c I haven’t touched base here in a few weeks. I’ve been itching to write but haven’t had the time.

Have you checked out my latest series on Creating a Fitness Routine? It’s called the J2K Fitness Challenge and it’s based on the idea that we continually fail at exercise programs (“we”, not “you” — I’m in this too). Please take a few minutes to read the 4-part series. I’ll be writing the fifth and final installment this weekend, that is if we aren’t welcoming our little girl into the world!!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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