Monona 20k

On Saturday May 2 I ran in my first race in almost two years. I ran the Monona 20k for the first time ever and I was very impressed by the race. Initially the low cost ($30!) drew me in, but on race day the crowd and the party at the end was second to none. I finished in 1:36 which was faster than I expected.

My training was different than any run I’ve ever done. I had less miles, I got to those miles in a shorter training schedule, and I had 3-4 high intensity training sessions per week that I’ve never indluded in my preparation. Would I do it differently, yes. But I have no regrets. It was a great run, nice recovery, and I’ll probably run it again next year.

Daddy in sight!

monona 3

They don’t quite get that I had I couldn’t talk and had to keep going. That’s my friend Ed clapping for our family 🙂

For the first time ever, my kids were on the course cheering me on. I didn’t know how many times (or where) Katie would get to a spot. The first one was at mile four and it was so fun to wave and then have Sorin and Norah run up to me. After quick high-fives it was tough to keep running but they understood. They saw me two other times and then we got to talk at the finish line. What a great day!

I was pushed on the course right after I saw my kids – a client, Ken Woodford, caught up to me and we ran together until mile eight. He kept me going at his pace which was faster than I would’ve gone, but I had the motor to stay with him. The last time I was really pushed like that was the (Des Moines, Iowa) Dam-to-Dam a couple years ago when Grant (brother-in-law) pulled me through the course. I’m very appreciative of both efforts and the push those guys gave me.

The finish line was fun because I had another client there – Sue Koch had just finished her first 5k on the north side of the city and was already at our finish line. One of my training philosophies is to put a race on the calendar and go after a clear goal. What a morning celebrating her first win!

Running is good. It’s been awhile but it feels great to be back. There’s a lot of community on the race day and for me it’s the training that provides so much of the benefits not only to my physical health but my mental health as well. It was a great day for our family. Happy training!

monona 4

Lastly, thanks to my team who supported me and Team Blood:Water. We raised a little over $100 for clean water – what a great cause. Every race I do I’m going to train for a cause, and usually it will be with Blood:Water.

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  1. Lisa

    Hans – Congratulations. I love the pics of your kids running up to you. I have so many awesome memories running with my family… this just makes me so happy for you! What great memories you will have forever.


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