NaNoWriMo Chapter 9: Lunge

Walking is an activity of daily living and in the gym, one of the best ways to train that movement for the long term and the immediate strength is lunges. Today I’m introducing reverse lunges. Stand tall in front of a mirror and take a shallow step backwards – that’s our start for 6-8 reps. Now we’ll work towards full range of motion. First I’ll say you never touch that back knee on the ground, but inches short is our goal. Work up to that depth, meaning you may start with a half-lunge. When you do this movement you’ll notice balance becoming an issue. This is great work for your knees, ankles, and hips to stabilize. Between your balance and your depth of the reverse lunge, there’s a lot of progressions to work on here. I put you in front of a mirror so you can always ensure a tall spine: keep eye contact with yourself in the mirror.

Your first set should be a warm-up: tell your body what you want it to do. Then do three sets of 6-10 of each side.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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