Norah’s Surgery

Our daughter Norah was born with a nevus sebaceous on her head which we knew at birth would have to one day be removed. Our doctor recommended waiting until after her first birthday to do the procedure because she would have to be put under. I never liked the sound of my daughter having to be put to sleep, and the thoughts just got worse and worse as we approached this week.

"Rock-a-by Baby"

Wednesday was the big day, so my mom came to watch Sorin while Katie and I took Norah to the hospital at 6:30am. She was doing great in the prep room. We had some toys from the nursing staff and we even put a little gown on her. She loved the rocking chair – she calls it “rock-a-by baby.” Each nurse that walked by smiled and seemed to almost adore Norah – she has that presence about her. I love my daughter so much.

Which is why the morning was so difficult. All I really knew about her nevus sebaceous was that it needed to be removed because we were worried about it becoming cancerous. I just couldn’t deal with the idea of having her put under. It was minor surgery, but I’m guessing any parent can relate to my concern.


Dressed for Success

Time to get ready


It made me think of a recent film I’ve seen called Ed’s Story. Ed is a man who had to send his son off to the military. It worried him and his wife greatly. Eventually he had to tell himself that he needed to give his son to the Lord. On a daily basis, he was trusting the life and safety of his son to the Lord of Creation. I’m ripping this aspect of the film right out of context – it’s a great story and it’s being previewed next week. You should certainly check it out.

After watching the film and hearing the words of a loving pastor/dad/husband come to grips with the idea of giving his child daily to the Lord, I was encouraged to embrace that mentality and do the same with Norah.

Everything went well. From the moment we handed her to the nurse who carried her away… to the recovery room where Katie helped Norah wake back up. I had to be at class for a presentation but I was receiving reports from Katie and I was thankful the whole morning.

Katie sent me this pic at 11:03. "Eat and drinking. She's doing great!"

Back at home. Her head gear for the next week. She calls it her "hat"









Back in the kitchen with Mom.



There are so many things I can do. And there are still more that I cannot. That is when I am thankful to be in relationship with a God who can do it all. When I cannot walk alone, He not only walks with me… he holds me up and guides me along.

7 thoughts on “Norah’s Surgery

    1. Katie

      haha!  yeah, thank goodness for that : )  Took pictures of the roof and are getting them printed today and in the mail for you tomorrow!  – Katie

  1. Jeri Robertson

    Hans & Katie, you are wonderful glad everything went well & only Norah could look that cute with her head in a bandage!!!  Love & prayers to you.   Auntie j


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