Numbers are Important

I ended my last post with this statement: “I can’t change the water problem. But together we can? Who wants to join me?”

It’s hard to get momentum by yourself. It’s hard to stand on a platform and get people to sign up. But there’s power in numbers. We need more eyes on the goal. There’s an anonymous donor at Blood:Water Mission who knows this and is putting his money towards “joining efforts”. I’m on a larger team with Jars of Clay.  And if our team can get 1,000 people to join the cause, he will unlock a $25,000 gift! That sounds “sales-ie”, right? But think about it from the perspective of the donor. Imagine you have a cause and you just want more people to get into that story. And you know that the more eyes on this topic the better. The size of the individual donation doesn’t matter – we’re going to win this battle by death from a thousand cuts! Let’s get more donations rather than bigger donations!

If four or five families help a cause, that’s better than one or two. What if it grows to 30 families? That’s some support! What about 200 families?! Now we can make some big things happen! Well this anonymous donor has decided that he wants to reward the power of numbers. This part of the goal is not (I repeat, NOT) about what you give. A $5 donation is awesome, and I promise you’ll never miss that $5. At the same time you’ll be helping a cause bigger than yourself, bigger than me; you’ll be part of a team. I’d be truly honored if you joined me.

There are a lot of causes out there bidding for our time. I get that. I just hope you’ll consider getting in the game here and helping a great cause. Today, I have two people on my team and I’m looking to get five more. Might it be you?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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