Pheasant Hunting 2016

We are driving through Minnesota on the way back from pheasant hunting in South Dakota. It’s the second time I’ve been in this trip and it is so good for my soul. Anyone who know me know that I am not a hunter. But I am turning into an avid bird hunter, so I guess I am a hunter. 

Let the hunt begin!

Steve and Paul have been on all six trips. John Paul and Chris have been on four. This year they invited Pat McGelligot and Paul Ziolkowski. What a great time spending more time you Pat and getting to know Paul more.  

With John Paul and Paul

In typical Robertson fashion we ate very well; Steve did all the cooking. We couldn’t hunt until 10am, so after a casual breakfast we prepped lunches and gear for the day and were in our way. We hunted hard until sunset, logging 9-11 miles (thanks Fitbit) each day. Back at the cabin we had to clean birds and help Steve prep dinner. It was 10pm or later by the time this was finished and we were all very tired. I haven’t had five days of sleep like this in forever. Literally. 

Lunch at the Simon Farm

Lunch at the Simon farm

On this trip I have build wonderful, strong memories with family and friends. Cultivating these relationship is critical to my life. They are built with these six men but it also prepares me for other trips I will lead in the future with other men. The Roberson family is all about relationships, legacy, life experiences and adventures. 

With my new friend, Chris

I am so excited to get home. We all are. Men are great but family is better. Both are necessary. We all serve the same God and thank Him for the blessing that has been pheasant hunting in South Dakota. 

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