Pointing to Clean Water

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge from last fall? How could I forget mine? My (mischievously brilliant) father-in-law poured the slowest bucket of ice water over me at family reunion while onlookers cringed in their sandals. What a great event. I watched a lot of ice bucket challenges. Did you have a favorite? Mine was by Matt Damon. The ice bucket challenge was an awareness and fundraising campaign for ALS. Matt Damon is a clean water advocate, so he used the national attention of the ice bucket challenge and took it a step further

Clean water is a big deal. For the last two years, I’ve participated in a campaign called Save a Drink, Save a Life. The idea is for participants to give up a few trips to the coffee shop and instead donate that money to build wells where people don’t have access to clean water. This year I’m running the Monona 20k and so in the same way that Matt Damon pointed attention towards clean water initiatives, I’m doing the same thing with this run. Here’s my promise: I’ll train very hard and on May 2, 2015 run all the way around Lake Monona. I’m asking friends and family to join my team and give up a couple coffees or just donate to my efforts. None of the funds raised will go to my training – in fact you donate directly through Blood:Water, a non-profit that has raised over $24 million for one of our generation’s greatest burden: ensuring every human has access to clean water. 

Will you join my team?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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