Race Week: Just Observing

I am so excited for Race Week.  This Sunday is Madison Marathon and I’m excited for different reasons.  As Katie and I grow our family, we’re in a season where I need to take some time off from training and competing.  For months I’ve gotten myself excited for this weekend because so many friends and family are running this year’s Madison Marathon.

My sister is running her first half.  My father-in-law is completing his second, but first without injury.  My soon-to-be sister-in-law and her dad are each doing the full.  Cousins Matt and Amanda are doing their first half together.  Our friends Kate and Laura are running the half; Laura did a full in Chicago last year.  My cousin Kelly is running after doing Chicago last fall with Laura.  I’m probably missing someone.  Sorry.

Well when I think of race week I think of realized preparation.  You’ve logged the miles, you’ve trained your body, and hopefully you’ve envisioned race day.  There’s so many details that go into training for a full or half marathon.  I’m just so excited for all these friends and family to be able to compete with themselves on Sunday.

All that is left is a short run, two days of rest, and some nutritional prep.  I’ve always been a good eater.  Using food as fuel is very important.  I’m a firm believer in carb-loading.  When your body needs energy (and Sunday your body will NEED energy) it is going to the carbohydrates first.  So load up on pasta and bread on Saturday night.  Don’t get sick, but eat a little more than usual.

On race day, I like to eat the following:

  • banana
  • bagel with peanut butter
  • one of Katie’s homemade muffins
  • coffee (yes, one cup)
  • and probably another one of those muffins

This may be too much for you, but as I said – I like my fuel.  Don’t change your routine too much, but don’t run on an empty stomach.  You’ll need nutrition on race day.

To all my friends and family, I’m honored to be watching you in all your glory on Sunday.  You’ve worked hard and are going to accomplish a big feat.

Enjoy the run.

2 thoughts on “Race Week: Just Observing

  1. Aunt Sue

    Hans…I am planning on biking around to different stops that day. Hope you have a map to help me know where to go and stop. Do you think it will be to busy to bring my bike to the start???
    mom in law!

  2. Kate

    I carbo-loaded with cupcakes on Saturday evening… perhaps that was the key to success?? We may never know 🙂

    Thanks for all the encouragement, Hans! As you know, it means a lot to have such enthusiastic supporters. Much appreciated!


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