Resolution or Reset?

I’m not one of those guys who has been to the gym four days this week in an effort to reinvent myself for the New Year.  Fitness goals have to be the number one resolution and as a fitness specialist, I applaud their ambition.  But it’s usually not executed with a proper base or in the appropriate context (of a structured exercise program).  Is it a valid pursuit?  Yes.  Do they mean well?  Yes.  But exercise goals often come as an all-or-nothing pursuit.

What I am more concerned with is the journey towards greatness, excellence.  I’m more interested in the process towards a disciplined life.  A person who lives a disciplined life doesn’t need to make a list of resolutions, but rather needs to simply reset.  Do you see the difference?  A resolution is going from something that isn’t working towards something brand new.  A reset is simply an adjustment to a lifestyle.

When is the last time you heard someone say, “It’s the first week of December, and boy am I doing great at this year’s resolution.”  It’s an attitude shift.  Building versus reinventing.  Building leads to success, reinventing is often a recipe for failure.

I have fitness goals to build on from 2010 (and earlier).  I have writing goals to build on.  I have personal productivity goals to build on.  I don’t need to reinvent myself.  I need to build.

I’m really excited about launching this blog late last year.  I have been challenged by the likes of Michael Hyatt and Desiree Scales to be a better writer.  This blog is a personal hobby but it has professional significance and I develop it to be a resource for anyone pursuing health and discipline in their lives. As a little teaser, I’ll be doing a lot more video, I’ll be referencing experts in the field, I’ll be doing a series on P90X, and I’ll certainly be more consistent and polished than I was last year.  That’s my reset.  Far from a resolution because it’s not new, it’s just better.  You?

2 thoughts on “Resolution or Reset?

  1. Hans Post author

    I hope the fitness goals go well for you. Please feel free to tap my shoulder if you’d like a few workouts to change things up. I’ve got plenty of things up my sleeve that worked really well for a Sports Conditioning class I used to teach.

    Thanks for the comment and the connection.


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