Routines to Increase Freedom and Flexibility

Last week I met Jon Swanson for the first time in person.  We’ve been friends over Twitter for a couple years.  Yes, those relationships can happen, yes they can be good.  This one is a home run.  About a year ago, he started talking about the importance of routines.  He even wrote about a book about routines.  I’m very fond of conversations and initiatives that involve routine, discipline, planning and the likes.  After my meeting this morning I jumped on to Twitter and came across a tweet from John about working from home.  The post by Joelle was a great read.  It reminded me that routines aren’t he enemy.  Don’t hold freedom and flexibility so high that we think routines will get in the way.

Joelle medium blog post

I’m traveling the same road as Joelle, trying to figure out my daily routine when some days I have meetings, some days I work at my favorite Starbucks, some days there’s nothing like my home office.  But it’s worth examining how routines fit into our daily or even weekly flow.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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