I’m Running Madison Marathon this Weekend

This weekend I’m running Madison Marathon for the third time.  It’s been a good (not great) season of training this spring.  I’m running for World Vision and I would be honored if you joined my team.  Hint: take your Starbucks money from this week and go donate to the Clean Water project at World Vision.

Here’s a few posts from my training this spring:

I’ve also gone on the record to say that one main goal of mine this year is to run my fastest half marathon ever.  I don’t plan on going for that this weekend or next weekend in Iowa, but rather compete this fall towards that goal.

You should consider joining my team and supporting World Vision’s Clean Water Project.  It’s an excellent way to join my efforts as I train for this half marathon and help nearly 1.5 million children who die each year from unsafe water and poor sanitation.

We would love to see you on the course in Madison this Sunday.  Bring your bikes, bring your chairs, bring your kids and cheer us on for a great organization.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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