30 for Sam (day 5 of 30)

I made a mistake. I heard part of Sam’s story, that he has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and that he won’t be able to fulfill his tradition of cross-country skiing his age in kilometers this year. He turned 30 on January 15th (last Friday), so his wife Jenny put together a #30forSam challenge. She asked friends and family to do 30 of “something” since Sam couldn’t be outside to continue his tradition. I was hooked.

I decided to do 30 days of running, learn more about his story, and then pray for his situation. The problem is I like to learn linearly, in order; I don’t like to skip ahead. I started back in June of 2015 and I was moving along when Katie (my wife) brought to my attention that other serious health issues are happening and that my blog posts are a little untimely. I made a mistake. Well intentioned, but I didn’t know the whole story.

A few things have happened since my post yesterday. Katie brought my attention to this and so I read ahead, some of the blog posts from this month. This lead me to a post about all the other friends and famly who participated in #30forSam – what a turnout!

Today I just want to say sorry for not knowing more of the story before writing this series of blog posts. I also want to point to all the great work of the afore mentioned #30forSam people – this list blew me away. Congrats to Sam and Jenny for the wonderful community of people you have cheering you on, supporting you in so many ways.

My posts pivot from here, but my commitment is in tact.


Indoor run again during a busy day at work, 2+miles on the Curve, this after a big 50-minute interval workout.

from the blog

Community: friends who spend their own precious time to support a friend, totally inspiring #30forSam participants.




















God, thank you for each person who participated in the 30-of-something challenge. What a turnout, what a story, what an inspiration. Friends and family are special. We need to be well-connected to these people in the good times so that we can walk step for step together during the difficult times.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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