Shipping: Wellness Program Launch

In the creative and small business world, there’s a term that’s caught my attention: shipping.


To ship means to launch a new product or service.  It means that a business owner would work hard to create a new arm of the business and get it out into the world – not because it’s perfect or profitable or even particularly noteworthy.  But it’s ready… for now.  There will always be adjustments along the way.  This is a significant part of running a small business or being a creative artist because without shipping, nothing ever happens.  I know that seems obvious, but there’s so many people who think, plan, dream, even create but never launch.  They never ship it to the world and go live.

To be honest, I should have shipped this months ago.  That’s just me being completely honest.  Katie and I have been working on this for months, but we wanted this particular launch to coincide with a trip we were making because the wellness program is actually in Michigan.The details of the wellness program aren’t really important to any readers of mine, so why did I write this post?  Because I hope people reading my blog have a creative or small business side of them that could use this encouragement to ship.  I’m really proud of my hard work and when I made the presentation, followed up with some emails, and sat back I felt a sense of accomplishment that was a long time coming.So really this blog post was just to mark a moment in time for me, a significant launch date for my business.  If you’ve been sitting on a project and have any desire to make it go somewhere, I hope you put a launch date on the calendar.  When you ship, hit me up and we’ll celebrate together. 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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