Sorin’s Dedication

dedicate: to set apart for a special purpose

Intentionality is tough these days. There are so many things fighting for our time and attention. And if you don’t have priorities straight and maintain a disciplined lifestyle, the world can pull a person in many different (and bad) directions.

One element of a balance life for Katie and me is our relationship with Christ. To say “one element” isn’t even fully accurate. We try daily to make that element the pivotal element of our lives. It’s a difficult task and we’re growing in that relationship as the years go on. But if we were to be defined by one aspect of our lives, it would be our faith in God.

In light of our Christian walks with God, Katie and I want to dedicate Sorin to the Lord. We want to commit ourselves to raising Sorin in the ways of the Lord. We want to be intentional without being demanding. Is that possible? We believe so.

Last Sunday (August 16) we had our dedication for Sorin. After weeks of planning, I had the ceremony planned and Katie had the food/party organized. We had about 38 people attending which was a big number. But as I was gathering the people to begin, I realized how appreciative I was that each and every person was there. I believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child, and we value our friends and family as they encourage us in the process.

I guess I can’t say much more in this post. The whole weekend was very reflective for me, so stay tuned for more insight into our dedication.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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