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Training Openings Fall 2012

Yesterday ended a wonderful three-day Labor Day weekend. I could sure get used to those! It’s the unofficial end of summer which means two things: school and football. Sure, everyone makes a big deal out of New Year’s resolutions during that first week of January but the reality is that so many of us work on a school calendar… either we’re in school or our kids are.

The fall semester for me involves three big components: work, school, and business. I’m still in the business of helping people lead healthy and active lifestyles. Graduate school has continued to remind me how important this work is. Getting involved with the science of exercise, psychology, and physiology has ignited a fresh fire for this industry, and I look forward to sharing that with my readers this semester. But for now, it’s important for me to let you know that I have some training spot open for the fall semester.

I currently have two training sessions open Monday mornings. My biomechanics class will be meeting then and we’re actually still deciding if that will be 8:50-10:30 or 10:00-11:40. Either way – I have time for your health and wellness! So if you or anyone you know needs a personal trainer, head over to Hire Hans and let’s get started on your fitness plan.