the competition Byword

Looking around at some other publishing applications and I’m looking at Byword. I just purchased it on Wednesday (after a long time of deliberation) and it’s pretty sweet. It does a lot of what DeskPM should be doing. Interestingly it doesn’t allow you to insert images, which John had built in from the start (or at least when he let me into the inner circle!

One of the big things Byword has to offer is the ability to publish to Evernote. This is huge for me (and yes, I know markdown is not supported yet, just trying to get into the habit). I can see me using it kind of like Drafts for iPhone – fire it up, make a note and publish right to my Evernote Inbox. 

Well, I wrote paragraph one, then paragraph two, then inserted the image above and it seems like the second paragraph may leak into the image. Publishing now to find out.

*update: you can see from the previous post it didn’t format well.  I’ve inserted to line breaks now and I’m reinserting, republishing.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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