The Next Season

This week is my final week as a full time arborist.  For various reasons I haven’t used this blog as a forum to discuss my career.  But right now I’m at liberty to discuss the next season of my life.  I’m happy to report that a proposal I submitted to Transform Wisconsin was accepted.  I’ll be working under contract three days per week to create a platform for teachers to use resources which I’ll be coordinating from the Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Health Services.  I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.

start new job

You’ll be hearing a lot about this process in the next couple weeks.  It started when I was invited by my friend Jon Hisgen invited me to come to the Best Practices conference.  I met a Jen Walker who then recruited me for this project.  But the story here is so much more than this new role.  The next season of my life has so many layers and moving parts.  I’m excited to process it here both to document my story but also to possibly encourage others in their journey of faith.

For now, I’m excited to get this job started.  There’s a lot to organize at the house so I can be successful right off the bat.  There’s a lot of tools to line up so that I can feel confident from day one.  And frankly there’s still a lot of praying to do because this is a temporary contract; this needs to be a monumental stepping stone.

Here’s to a wonderful fall season this year!


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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