Thoughts from San Diego

I’ve been in San Diego for only 72 hours but I have moved the ball down the court in a number of different areas. When I came out here I had some big ambitions; I always do when I travel. But with no kids in the trip it was a lot easier to get results. I had projects for work that could be done remotely and all that work feels great do do so far from home (although it was strange to work two hours behind everyone else in Madison).
But the real work was inside my notebook, reading a Great Work, and rethinking how I get work done. Specifically I’ve been organizing and processing files, workflows, and establishing editorial calendars and publishing guidelines. This work is good for my soul. I will return home in a better place and more equipped to succeed because of this time in San Diego. 

I got some time with Todd Durkin this morning. He’s literally the only trainer in the country who I would make an effort to connect with and I’m so happy I could make it work. Of course that meant I had to spend a little more time this afternoon processing that meeting because I have a couple very specific take aways to apply. 

Katie is done with her last meeting in a few minutes here and then we’re going out to find a beach and then go out for the evening. San Diego: huge success and a lot of fun. 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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