Training: Back From Injury and Stronger Than Ever

I use sport to relate to life.  The analogies are endless, even cliché at times.  But the bottom line is they work.  Sports give us a framework to make sense of other areas of our worlds and provide encouragement when we need it most.

I’ve written lately about my ankle injury as I prepare for Madison Half Marathon and Iowa’s Dam-to-Dam.  Seven weeks out from race day, I tweaked my ankle and had to stay off for almost three weeks.  But now I’ve had two long runs (ten miles each) and I’m feeling stronger each day.  While this situation is far from ideal I cannot be happier with my recovery from injury and recovery of performance.  There are two factors at play here.

Listening to your body

If I wasn’t acutely aware of my body’s warning signs and known limitations, I would have certainly caused more damage than a slightly twisted ankle.  My working knowledge of injuries combined with my perspective of running 13.1 miles on May 29th allowed me to make my adjustments to training (read: stop training) and get my body fixed.

Knowing I’ve been here before

There is a comfort and a learning process with familiarity.  I cannot fully explain how confident I am knowing that I’ve been through this training before so I know exactly what I need to do to get to where I need to be.  I also know how much I can get away with – like I said, this is less than ideal.  But it is what it is.


My goals for the year are still in line. My plan is to run the fastest half marathon I’ve ever run by season’s end.  The first hurdle has been this injury.  The next test will be Madison Half Marathon.  And much of my motivation is my decision to run for World Vision.  I invite you to join my story and join my team.


Are you training for anything?  How have you managed setbacks that were out of your control?


Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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