Training Success: Taper Week

One of my favorite benefits to training for a race or setting a goal is the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end.  Training is not easy.  If it is, how much training is really happening?  Training should impose stress on your body so that your muscles break down and subsequently grow back stronger.  For me, this means full or half marathon training where my long runs increase to 10-12 miles for a half marathon and 20-22 miles for a full marathon.

This season I’m running the Haunted Hustle half marathon in Middleton with Katie.   Admittedly my training has been sub-par due to increased demand for my time with school and kids.  But I’ve done well with the long runs and my Sports Conditioning class has helped with some strength training and speed.

My training has progressed and I’ve reached my taper week.  As an experienced marathoner, I can look back at the last ten weeks of training and see the progress I’ve made.  This weekend I could get away with a short 6 mile run and be ready for the race next Saturday.  But I’m still going to push a longer run because I know it will benefit my race.  Still, taper week evokes a strong sense of accomplishment knowing I’m ready for the race.

Training and setting goals are very powerful motivators for accomplishing things in life.  Short term goals help build momentum.  Long term goals contribute to a great sense of achievement.

When’s the last time you accomplished a big goal?

What goals do you have in place?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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