Turkey Trot Training

Let’s think ahead: Thanksgiving Day!  I know it’s over a month away, but here’s the deal.  If you’re anything like me (and my family), the food simply doesn’t get any better than that 4th Thursday in November.  With all that food comes a little bit of guilt because all that food isn’t being negated by some physical activity.  Well have you ever thought of running a Turkey Trot?  You know, those Thanksgiving Day runs of 5 or 10K.  Those runs that give you the ability to eat guilt-free the rest of Thanksgiving Day!

I think 2012 is the perfect year for you to complete your first 5K (3.1 miles for all you Americans).  I’ve put together a training plan so that you can do it and feel good about it.  It isn’t designed for you to go fast – it’s designed so that you can get to the finish line… and then on to that turkey and stuffing!

This plan is assuming you’ve done NO running up ’til this point.  You can start this on Monday and I’ll get you to the finish line.  The program consists of five weeks of training, three days per week.  You can do that, right?

Each number is obviously miles.  For first-time runners that may seem like a lot.  Let me say this: you will be so surprised at how fast (and well) your body adapts to the stress you put on it.  And as always, you can send me a question via this form and I’ll coach you through it.

What what do you say?  Are you up for your first 5K?!  You’ve got all the tools – your move.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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