[Podcast] Week 5 – Colts

Announcing: Two Guys in a Garage Talking Football,with Chris and Hans. 

(I promise the name will improve)

This summer I started to collaborate with my friend Chris about a podcast talking Wisconsin sports, specifically Packers football.  This has been such a fun project to put together.  We’ve recorded every week but this is the first one that’s finally made it online.  There is literally no post-production, just a raw recording.  In the next few weeks, we’ll add some other features and I’m looking forward to getting those out.

Our goals is simple: sit with a friend and a beer and talk football.  Do it in front of a mic.  Publish it.

We hope you enjoy.  There will be ways to interact with the show in the next couple weeks.

Here’s our weekly podcast for week 5 of the NFL.



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