Walk and Talk about Water

I went for a walk with Sorin and Norah earlier this week. This part of spring is where all the snow piles are melting, creating streams of water flowing down the street. The kids loved watching this and of course I had to insist that they didn’t jump in the water. They watched the water flow past other snow drifts and finally drop into the drain. I told them the water is going into the city’s pipes. Norah said the water then comes to our house. I told her there’s more to it than that, but yes we get clean water from the city. I used the opportunity to talk about how we have clean water but many people in the world do not. I told them I am asking my friends on Facebook, on Twitter, and at church to support my campaign to raise money so that people in Zambia can dig a well so they can have clean water. Sorin started talking about seeing a well every day when he takes the bus home from school.

snow melting streets

My goal is to keep talking about clean water with our kids. My goal is to make it part of our family’s story. My goal is to get 30 friends join my team and be part of that story. Will you join?

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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