What UConn vs. Kentucky Means For Your Fitness

When I think of Kentucky and UConn basketball, I think of legendary programs. Kentucky is the winningest program in college basketball history. UConn has won three national championships since 1999. These storied programs are staples in the college basketball landscape. Tonight they play for the national championship. But last year? Last year neither team made the tournament!

We are really good at looking at the past. It’s very easy to look at what we have or haven’t done to make ourselves healthier and come to conclusions that hinder or completely derail our efforts to move forward.

“I haven’t jogged in over five years.”
“I put on more pounds this last winter than usual.” (This one’s from personal experience)
“Last year I had an easier work schedule and I could find time to workout. This year it’s just not possible.”
“I started lifting last year but I don’t think I can add to my workouts this year.”
“That 5K last year was fun, but it that’s about all I’ve got.”

In sport the best players are the ones with short memories. You hear it all the time in reference to cornerbacks in football. They get beat on a play and have to line up and be ready for the next snap. There’s no time to complain or feel sorry for yourself. The wide receiver is coming for you again. You need to have a short memory. Yes, you got beat; now line up and get after it again.


We have good memories, right? We remembering getting beat. It’s easy to pin-point the times we failed. Maybe it isn’t “a time.” Maybe it’s years of unsuccessfully prioritizing your health. Maybe it’s remembering workouts in January, fading in February, gone by March. See the quotes above. That second one is me. I put on more weight this winter than ever before. Well Saturday night’s Final Four games should give us hope.

Last year Kentucky and UConn both missed the tournament. 64 teams (don’t get me started) in college basketball play for March Madness, neither of these two programs were there, and this year they’re playing each other for the national championship! Short memories allowed these teams to work hard for one calendar year and earn the right to play on the last Monday night of the season.

What’s your story? If you forgot about the past and gave yourself one calendar year, what could you accomplish?



Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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