Writing Songs about Injustice

In April Blackhawk Church hosted their Pulse Conference for artists in the Church.  I attended because Jars of Clay were performers and speakers at the event.  Jars have long been a favorite band of mine and now they were in my backyard!  What I appreciate the most about Jars of Clay is their ability to reflect on what’s happening in the world and write about it.  They are very active on Twitter and Dan’s blog about the backstory to some of their greatest songs are fascinating insights into how artists with a Christian worldview are interacting with their culture.


I was listening to Charlie and Matt early Saturday morning while Dan was doing his talk on “writing songs about injustice.”  Just this week I got to listen to his talk and I think you may enjoy some commentary from a man who has been a driving force in their band for over almost 20 years.

My favorite line: “Great art should lead us to ask better questions.”  Enjoy!


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